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Excel Import for Take-On Balances

Once you have added your employees, their take-on balances can be added to the system in bulk using an Excel import as follows:

  • Go to Employees > Bulk Actions > Take-On Tax Totals.
  • All employees will be listed by default. Select a specific pay frequency and / or pay point if necessary.
  • Click Export to Excel to download the template.
  • Fill in the relevant totals for each employee. Leave any columns that are not applicable blank – if a column does not apply to any employees, please still just leave it blank and do not delete it.
  • Save the file.
  • To import the file go to Employees > Bulk Actions > Bulk Add Employees.
  • Upload the file, verify the information and Save.

Important Notes

  • Only use an import file that was originally downloaded from the page above.
  • Do not alter the structure of the spreadsheet at all when completing it – i.e. do not edit / add / remove / rearrange any rows or columns.
  • The file must be saved in Excel (.xls or .xlsx) format.