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Skills and Equity

The information captured here is used for Employment Equity and Skills purposes. If you do not need to report on skills and equity, there is no need to fill in the data.

Adding / Editing Information Individually

To add / edit this information, go to the employee’s profile and click on Edit InfoSkills & Equity.

Use the dropdown menus to select the employee’s gender, race, occupational level, occupational category, job value and provinces.

Use the checkboxes to indicate if the employee is disabled, a foreign national or not a South African citizen. Please note that foreign nationality is a matter of birth; for example, someone who was born in Malawi will always be a Foreign national. On the other hand, citizenship is a matter of law, i.e. whether the government of South Africa has granted someone citizenship. Employees who have not been granted citizenship, should be marked as Not RSA Citizen.

Adding / Editing Information in Bulk

Go to Employees > Bulk Actions > Skills & Equity.

For more information about how to do bulk inputs, please go to:

Skills and Equity Reporting

Skills and equity reporting is becoming increasingly important for South African businesses. Expansion of our reports to include skills and equity reporting is in our future pipeline. In the meantime, if you need to report skills and equity to a bargaining council or the Department of Labour, you can obtain the required information by combining two Excel reports from our system.

  1. Go to Employees > Bulk Actions > Skills & Equity.
  2. Populate the fields and click on Export to Excel. Save the resulting Excel file.
  3. Go to Reports > Transaction History Report.
  4. Select the relevant filters / options for Date rangePay Frequency and Employees.
  5. Click on Show next to Additional Fields.
  6. Select all required fields such as Appointment Date or Id number.
  7. Under Transactions you can select all the items you want to include in the transaction history report.
  8. Click on Show Excel to download the report.
  9. In Excel you can now merge the file from step 2 and the file from step 8 to create the required report.

For more information about the transaction history report, please refer to: