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How does SimplePay calculate the Cost To Company in the Transaction History Report?

The CTC feature is currently in beta; please feel free to provide feedback by clicking on the BETA label.

The Transaction History Report (THR) is based on information from finalised payslips. The Cost to Company (CTC) value is the sum of all income, allowance and employer contribution items, and benefit items that are included on payslips. However, please note that the following payslip items will be excluded from SimplePay’s CTC calculation:

  • Company Car Benefit*
  • Termination Lump Sums (gratuities / severance benefits)
  • Medical Aid Benefit Paid Out
  • Retirement Annuity Benefit Paid Out
  • Employer Loan – Balance Increase
  • Savings Payout

Please note: If a custom item is based on a system item that is in the above list (e.g., Employer Loan, and Savings), it will automatically be excluded. 

*Since the company car benefit is not included in the accounting report, it is not included in SimplePay’s CTC either.

Items added via Take-On Balances

Amounts for the following items can be added on the Take-On Balances screen. However, since such take-on balances are not included in finalised payslips, they will not appear in the THR and, therefore, not be included in the CTC.

  • 3601 – Income (Taxable)
  • 3602 – Income (Non-Taxable)
  • 3605 – Annual payment
  • 3713 – Other allowances (Taxable)
  • 3714 – Other allowances (Non-Taxable)