Month: May 2020

TERS Applications for May Open

This blog provides details on the opening of COVID-19 TERS applications, as well outlining the key differences between this month's and April's processes

TERS: Foreign Workers Update

In this blog we reiterate points that were shared in a UIF webinar relating to TERS applications for foreign employees.

UIF Submissions Update: 18/05/2020

Update on the progress of the UIF's processing time of submissions, especially in relation to TERS, as well as measures we are taking to aid the process.

COVID-19 TERS Update

Summary of the latest guide from the UIF, aimed at providing guidance to employers, post submission. Also details for those intending to apply in May.

UIF Submission Update

Update on the electronic UIF submission turnaround time, provided through SimplePay.

Employment Tax Validation Process

An overview of SARS' employment tax validation process, as well as updates on the SDL payment holiday and the recent expansion to parental leave benefits.

Lockdown Update: 8 May

In today’s blog we have an important update on how best to interpret employee TERS benefit entitlements and the effect of additional payments by employers to employees participating under the scheme. We shall also touch base on tracking of UIF applications, updates from SARS and cast our eyes forward with respect to ETI.

ETI Increases as a COVID-19 Relief Measure

As part of the government's COVID-19 relief measures, the ETI claimable by employers has been increased for the pay period 1 April - 31 July 2020. These changes are now available on our system.