Month: July 2021

ETI Relief Expansion and PAYE Deferral Announced, effective 1 August 2021

Recently businesses in South Africa have experienced numerous hardships and challenges to profitability and for some, their continued existence. As a beacon of hope and in an effort to give support and relief to those affected, National Treasury and SARS recently announced an intended R5 billion tax relief package. To relieve the economic strain being applied to businesses in South Africa currently, it was to be rolled out as soon as possible.

TERS Extension: 16 March to 25 July 2021

As promised in our last blog post, the aim of today’s post is to give an overview of the new COVID-19 TERS Direction and the process to apply for and receive TERS benefits.

TERS Refund Details and Possible Extension

In store today we have the first TERS post since our coverage of the two extended periods. If you made a refund for a period we’ll explain the reporting requirements for you to remain compliant, in addition to signposting a further extension to TERS due to adjusted alert level 4.

How working from home may have cut your tax bill

At SimplePay we love going the extra mile for our customers and their employees. Normally this involves making your payroll obligations a breeze, but sometimes there are aspects of income tax law that we like to highlight as they can benefit both you and your employees!