TERS Refund Details and Possible Extension

In store today we have the first TERS post since our coverage of the two extended periods. If you made a refund for a period we’ll explain the reporting requirements for you to remain compliant, in addition to signposting a further extension to TERS due to adjusted alert level 4.

TERS Refund Details

If for any reason you refunded any amount of TERS payments, the UIF requires you to complete a breakdown of the amounts repaid by each of your employees, as opposed to the lump sum. If you did not do this when you refunded a TERS payment, the UIF requests that you correct this.

In their email to all employers on 6 July 2021, the UIF stated that they needed an individual breakdown of refunds to reconcile TERS payments on a per employee basis to allow them to reflect these amounts on the portal.

If you’ve made a TERS refund but did not submit a breakdown of repayments, you’re required to complete the spreadsheet attached to the 6 July email and send it to [email protected] with subject line “TERS REFUND per EMPLOYEE”.

Further TERS Extension

On 11 July 2021, President Ramaphosa announced in his speech that the UIF had entered into discussions with its social partners and agreed that TERS should be extended for businesses affected by the adjusted level 4 lockdown (in force from 28 June 2021). 

There has been no further information released since the speech, but we are keeping our eyes peeled for any developments. We’ll release a further blog post on extended TERS as and when more information becomes available, so watch this space!

We hope that this information has proved helpful to you. If you have any questions for the team you can contact us at [email protected]

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