UIF Submission Update

Over the past few weeks, we’ve provided several updates on the increasingly slow turnaround times for acknowledgement of electronic UIF submissions through SimplePay. This seems to be an unfortunate consequence of the large number of employers filing their UIF submissions due to the pandemic. We are working with members of the UIF’s technical division to help reduce the strain on their system and improve the reliability and turnaround times on these electronic submissions. At this stage, it’s difficult to provide an estimate timeline but we are hopeful that things will start to speed up from early next week.

In the meantime, for any urgent submissions or resubmissions (e.g. where necessary to process TERS or UIF benefit claims), you may want to try using the uFiling portal as a temporary measure. We realise that this additional manual work is not ideal and likely provides unnecessary extra stress in an already stressful period but feel it is the most responsible course of action to be transparent around our issues with the UIF and provide you with a hopefully more reliable interim solution. Please see the following links for more

We apologise for any inconvenience that this causes; the situation is unfortunately out of our hands but, as mentioned above, we are actively engaged and working with them to provide you with the convenience and peace of mind to which you’ve been accustomed as a SImplePay client.

As always, thank you for your patience, understanding and ongoing support.

Keep well. Stay home. Stay safe.

Team SimplePay