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2021 ROE Submissions Are Due

    less than 1 minute read    

Your Return of Earnings is due to the Compensation Fund by 31 May 2021.

National Minimum Wage Increase

    1 minute read    

Our latest blog post covers the increases to the national minimum wages, due to take effect on 1 March 2021.

August 2017 Employer Interim Reconciliation Filing Season

    2 minute read    

The August 2017 Employer Interim Reconciliation filing season is now open and will run until 31 October 2017. This is, in essence, where you will reconcile your EMP501s and IRP5s / IT3(a)s with payments made to SARS.

2017 Employer Annual Reconciliation Filing Season

    1 minute read    

SARS has announced that the 2017 Employer Annual Reconciliation filing season will run from 18 April 2017 to 31 May 2017. This is, in essence, where you will reconcile your EMP501s and IRP5s / IT3(a)s with payments made to SARS.

2017 OID / Workman’s Comp Update

    1 minute read    

The deadline for the OID / Workman’s Comp submission has been extended to 31 May 2017. In addition, the maximum amount of earnings per employee subject to assessment will increase to R403 500 from 1 April 2017.

2016 Retirement Reform

    1 minute read    

The 1st of March 2016 brought with it a number of significant changes that will affect employees with pension, provident and retirement annuity funds. This legislation introduces a uniform tax treatment for all three of the above-mentioned funds (total taxable income deduction limited to 27.5% of income, with an annual cap of R350 000).

2016 Payroll Changes – Additional Medical Tax Credit

    1 minute read    

With the start of the new financial year looming ahead of us, lawmakers have been hard at work drafting legislative changes that will require Payroll administrators to keep their wits about them if they want to keep up.

POPI – We’ve Got You Covered

    1 minute read    

With rumours circulating of an effective date towards the end of the year, there’s been a lot of fuss lately around the Protection of Personal Information Act, otherwise known as POPI. Luckily SimplePay has been keeping you compliant for ages already.

UIF Limit Increased

    less than 1 minute read    

From 1 Oct. 20012, the annual limit for income subject to UIF contributions has increased from R149,736 to R178,464. That results in a new monthly limit of R14,872 and a weekly limit of R3,432.

Tax tables and other info loaded for the 2011/2012 tax year

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We’re pleased to announce that our clients and their employees can now see how their payroll will change in the new tax year. Payslips that fall in the 2012 / 2013 tax year will automatically meet the new legal requirements, while your payslips for the current tax year will still be calculated according to the current tax year’s rules, as you’d expect.