Suspension of the UIF E-Compliance Certificate System

Author: Christelle Pretorius

    1 minute read    

The UIF announced that its E-Compliance Certificate (E-CC) System will be suspended temporarily until further notice. 

While this suspension won’t have any impact on payroll, it is relevant to certain employers. Here at SimplePay we strive to help our customers where we can by keeping you abreast of employment-related changes.

The Fund confirmed that it will no longer issue UIF Compliance Certificates in a circular letter published on its website. This will impact companies that tender as tender application rules will need to be changed. Companies that tender will need to inform tender adjudicators that the absence of a UIF Compliance Certificate does not disqualify the tender application. The UIF circular letter can be furnished as proof of same.

The electronic E-CC system was introduced in January 2021 as a replacement for the manual system previously in operation. However, since its implementation, the E-CC system has been riddled with problems. The suspension of the E-CC system is intended to allow the UIF and third parties time to consult on the best way forward. Any changes implemented to the E-CC system will involve a lengthy process that requires amendments to the Unemployment Insurance Act. Employers should therefore not expect the E-CC system to be reinstated any time soon.

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