SARS [email protected] Testing – Preparing for September 2021

Author: Amjad Tiseker

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SARS recently notified us that testing of the latest updated [email protected] software would commence today in preparation for its release to the public in September 2021.

Duration and Scope of Testing

Testing will run from 6 August to 27 August 2021 and the enhancements to the system being tested will include:

  • New source codes on the IRP5 to incorporate the legislative changes;
  • New letters regarding Registration Status Amendments;
  • Amended letters regarding Employment Tax Validation;
  • Validation to ensure employers claiming ETI always use SARS data; and
  • Functionality to enable employers to reinstate financial values for a reconciliation period.

We are currently incorporating the new codes and tax rules to our system and aim to have this completed with plenty of time to spare. This means that come September you’ll be able to automatically generate the IRP5s / IT3(a)s and EMP501 needed, and easily submit them to SARS.

Should you have any questions regarding SimplePay or any of our services, please feel free to contact [email protected] for assistance.

Keep well and stay safe.

Team SimplePay