New System Item: TERS Benefit Payout

As part of our commitment to supporting you during these uncertain times by simplifying payroll, we have introduced a new system item: TERS Payout. To recap, TERS is a COVID-19 relief measure introduced by government which provides employers with cashflow to continue to pay employees. You can find a more in-depth recap on TERS here.

The employer acts as the conduit for these payments and therefore the payments should not attract PAYE, UIF or SDL. They are also not reported on IRP5s. Employers that have already finalised payslips and made payments to employees were advised to create a custom reimbursement item for these payments. To save you time and to minimise any potential stress associated with setting the payslip item up incorrectly, we have created a system item for these payments.

To add the system item to an individual employee’s payslip:

  • Go to the employee’s profile
  • Click on Add next to Payslip Inputs
  • Select TERS Payout under Other
  • Enter the amount that needs to be paid to the employee
  • Click Save

To bulk add the system item to the payslips of employees:

  • Go to Employees > Bulk Actions > Payslip Inputs
  • Use the filters to select the relevant pay frequency, payslip date and pay point
  • Then use the filters to select TERS Payout under Other
  • Click on the checkbox next to an employee’s name to add the item to their payslip*
  • Enter the amount for each employee*
  • Then click Save under the filters to save your changes.

*Remember, you can click on the dropdown arrow next to the heading and then select Copy first value down to apply the first employee’s entry to all employees in a faster manner.

We hope that this small action taken by SimplePay to assist you during this period makes a big difference.

Team SimplePay

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  1. Dear Simplepay

    Thank you for the information sharing , I enjoy your services. Bravo to the directors of the company and staff.

    I applied for UIF for employees on the 23 April 2020 and more that R100 000 was paid to our employees on the 26/04/2020.

    BRAVO TO SIMPLEPAY………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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