Form UI-2.7 for Employees Terminated with Codes 9, 10, 17, 18 or 19

We recently introduced the functionality to download pre-populated individual UI-19 forms for employees so that you do not need to manually complete these. We have now expanded this functionality to generate UI-2.7 forms alongside individual UI-19 forms. These are applicable to employees that remain employed with the company, but are terminated on the system using the following UIF status codes:

  • 9 – Maternity
  • 9 – Adoption 
  • 10 – Long-term leave due to illness
  • 17 – Reduced Working Time
  • 18 – Commissioning Parental
  • 19 – Parental

When selecting one of these codes, two additional fields will appear:

Expected return date: This is the date that you expect the employee to return to work. It is imperative that this is completed correctly, as it is used to generate the UI-2.7 form. If the employee’s date of return is later extended, you will need to update it here in order to update the UI-2.7 form.

Paid During Temporary Absence: If you select this checkbox, the system will still generate payslips during the employee’s period of absence, and no UI-2.7 form will be available. If you do not select this checkbox, no payslips will be generated for the employee during their period of absence and a UI-2.7 form will be generated for the employee. 

To download the UI-2.7 form generated by SimplePay:

  • Go to the employee’s profile after ending their service.
  • Click on Manage End of Service.
  • Click on the PDF icon under Service Period History.

The first page of the PDF document will be your UI-19 form and the second page is the UI-2.7 form.

For more information on ending an employee’s service, visit our help site here.

Team SimplePay

2 Replies to “Form UI-2.7 for Employees Terminated with Codes 9, 10, 17, 18 or 19”

  1. Good day.
    I received a UI-2.1 firm from my employer but did not see the category they stated on the UI-2.7 AS I was not given a copy. If they selected termination does that mean I an now n9t in there service any more? I also have not received a date when I am expected to return. I asked will I still be employed after covid and I was told nothing in life is surtain.

    1. Hi Phillip. Sorry for the delay in responding to you. The COVID-19 pandemic caused an influx of queries for us and we had to prioritize support via phone and email. Regarding your query, unfortunately we are unable to assist here as we only provide the software for payroll, but do not process payroll. We also do not have access to client data for security reasons. Only your company will be able to inform you of their course of action. Sorry that we can’t assist.

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