We’re Making It Easier to Identify Draft Documents

Getting confused between the draft payslips that you saved to your computer and the finalised payslips that you gave to your employees?

To make it easier for you to keep track of versions of your documents, we have added a stamp  to the draft version of the following documents:

  • Payslips
  • Monthly EMP201s
  • UIF declarations

To remove the stamp, simply finalise the document by clicking on the Finalise button or link for the document.

For more information on the processes for generating these draft documents, refer to the following help pages:

Let us know if there are any other features you would like to see on the system – we’re always looking for ways to make payroll better for you!

6 Replies to “We’re Making It Easier to Identify Draft Documents”

  1. On your monthly paid employees you don’t have to capture the days or hours worked as it does this automatically.
    Why can’t you have a field where you can enter the normal hours like 40 or 45 hours and then just need to change the overtime or if there is a variance.
    Every week you have to type in 40 hours for every employee?
    This is getting frustrating.

    1. Hi Henk. Thank you for your suggestion. I will escalate your proposal to the development team for review. In the meantime, there are two possible ways to make this process easier for you:
      (1) If you go to Employees > Bulk Actions > Payslip Inputs and select ‘Basic Salary’ and ‘Hourly paid’ from the filters, then you can enter the hours for one employee. Then click on the arrow under the heading and click ‘Copy first value down’. This will then copy the value down to every employee, and you can just amend the hours for those employees that are different.
      (2) You can create an Excel spreadsheet for your employees with their hours. Then you can upload the spreadsheet into our system by going to Employees > Bulk Actions > Clocking System Imports. Select ‘Generic CSV’ in the filters to indicate that you created your own file. If the hours for your employees don’t change, then you can simply upload the same spreadsheet every week. Please note that for this option, you will need to (a) enter the employee numbers in the first column and (b) save the file in CSV format. More information about this is available on our help page here. https://www.simplepay.co.za/help/time-and-attendance

      I hope this helps make capturing hours easier for you. If you require further assistance with any of these, please give us a call.

  2. I requested many times over the last two years that email features are added to reports function, where all the reports can be emailed to us automatically once payrun is done… like other systems do… without having to download it each month for clients.
    Please get this for us. In this industry time is everything and currently the report downloads takes me forever.

    Also please bring back the old option for the leave system. the new format is way to confusing and I have to manually adjust the leave each month because it does not show correctly especially when leave is added which falls in previous period… it then does not show as leave taken. I never had problems with the old system, but the new one does not work for me.

    Thank you for a great system though. I prefer this above any other.

    1. Hi Yolandi

      Thank you for your comment. We review all feature requests regularly and make development decisions based on several factors, such as the number of requests for a certain change, the complexity of the change and the potential benefit to other clients. I will follow up with the development team to get feedback on your request and will contact you shortly to provide an update.

      The purpose of the new leave version is to provide more flexibility, so that you can customise leave policies on the system to reflect what happens within your company. We understand that by allowing more customisation, it may seem confusing if you are used to the previous version. Our support team would be more than happy to assist you telephonically with the leave settings so that you can set up the leave policies to work the way you need it to. Please give us a call on 011 568 0721 or provide a contact number for us to contact you.

  3. Good day

    The draft payslip is amazing, thank you. We however used to save our draft payslips for the clients before we finalized the payslip, as simple pay moves on to the next period payslip after finalizing. This is now going to be more time consuming. Can you perhaps find a way around this?

    1. Hi Gerda

      Thank you for your feedback on this new feature. The best way to achieve what you are wanting to do is to use the bulk finalise and bulk unfinalise options under the Pay Runs section of the menu. You can bulk finalise all the payslips in a few seconds to remove the stamp, download the payslips to send to the clients and then immediately bulk unfinalise all the payslips for that period until you have approval from the clients. You can do all of this on one page to make it quick and easy for you to do.

      Most firms that prepare payroll on behalf of others have requested the stamp so that they can keep control over the various payslips that get sent back and forth to clients. They can make sure that the final payslip sent to the employee is not one of the many payslips sent back and forth during the draft stage. If you have a suggestion for another method of control without the draft stamp, we welcome your feedback. Alternatively, I could request a feature to be added to the Payslip Settings to turn the stamp feature off.

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