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EMP501 Reconciliation to Reflect 2020 SDL Holiday

    3 minute read    

SARS has reminded employers that the EMP501 Reconciliation and Tax Certificates must reflect 0% SDL payable for May to August 2020 in terms of the 2020 SDL Payment Holiday.

Week Recap and Level 3 of Lockdown – Effect on Business

    4 minute read    

Closing off the month of May and level 4 of lockdown in style, this blog will give a brief overview of what’s been covered this week in our blogs, before turning to what businesses can expect under level 3 in June.

Lockdown Update: 8 May

    4 minute read    

In today’s blog we have an important update on how best to interpret employee TERS benefit entitlements and the effect of additional payments by employers to employees participating under the scheme. We shall also touch base on tracking of UIF applications, updates from SARS and cast our eyes forward with respect to ETI.