SARS Announces Tax Season 2024 Dates and Medical Aid Tax Changes

Author: Danelle Strydom

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As we approach the 2024 tax season for individual taxpayers, the South African Revenue Service (SARS) has outlined important dates and introduced significant changes, particularly affecting medical aid tax submissions. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what taxpayers should expect and how to prepare.

Key Tax Season Dates

SARS has specified the following important dates for the 2024 tax season:

  • Individual Taxpayers (Non-Provisional): 15 July 2024 - 21 October 2024
  • Provisional Taxpayers: 15 July 2024 - 20 January 2025
  • Trusts: 16 September 2024 - 20 January 2025
  • Auto-Assessment Notices: 1 July 2024 - 14 July 2024

These dates are essential for ensuring timely and accurate tax submissions, helping to avoid any potential penalties or delays.

Preparation Tips

To ensure a smooth tax filing process, SARS advises individual taxpayers to gather all necessary documents well in advance. These include:

  • IRP5/IT3(a) Certificates: Essential for showing your income and deductions.
  • Medical Aid Certificates: Necessary for claiming medical expenses and tax credits.
  • Retirement Annuity Fund Certificates: Important for showing contributions and claiming deductions.

SARS also recommends leveraging digital tools such as eFiling and the SARS MobiApp. These platforms offer a streamlined, user-friendly experience, making it easier to manage your tax affairs without the need for physical visits. However, if in-person assistance is required, taxpayers can book appointments online or via SMS.

SARS also urges taxpayers to be vigilant against a surge in phishing attempts. Scammers often try to mimic official communication from SARS to steal personal information or trick individuals into making payments to fraudulent accounts. They also have a dedicated Scams and Phishing web page for more information about known scams.

Medical Aid Tax Changes

Starting in September 2024, SARS is rolling out several changes to simplify the submission of medical aid data and reduce audit interventions. These changes are particularly aimed at assisting taxpayers with complex medical claims. Key updates include:

  • Data Provision for Disabled Members: Medical aids must provide detailed information on disabled principal members and their dependents.
  • Third-Party Payment Data: Information on individuals making payments on behalf of principal members must be included.
  • Expense Reporting: Non-allowable expenses must be separated from allowable expenses on the IT3(f) certificate.
  • Other technical changes as described on the SARS webpage linked to above.

These adjustments are designed to streamline the tax filing process for individuals with intricate medical claims and ensure the correct allocation of medical tax credits.

Transition and Compliance

Medical aids are required to comply with these changes and provide the necessary data via updated systems between 12 August and 6 September 2024. To facilitate a smooth transition, SARS will allow a six-month grace period for partial compliance. During this period, stakeholders must provide reasons for any partial compliance and commit to full compliance by a specified date.

By implementing these changes, SARS aims to alleviate the burden on taxpayers, enhance the accuracy of tax assessments, and expedite the tax return process for the 2024 tax season.

In summary, the 2024 tax season brings important deadlines and changes. By staying informed and preparing in advance, taxpayers can enjoy a seamless filing experience and take full advantage of the new measures introduced by SARS.

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