Leave Management > Leave Take-On Balances

You can enter take-on balances for leave, in cases where you previously used another payroll system, or when you want to enter leave balances as at a particular date.

Input Methods

Leave take-on balances can be done one at a time for individual employees or in bulk.

Individual Leave Take-Ons

To enter leave take-ons for an individual employee, go to Leave > Take Ons while on the employee’s profile.

Bulk Leave Take-Ons

To enter leave take-ons in bulk, go to Bulk Actions > Take-On Balances (under Leave).

You can enter take-on balances for “All pay frequencies” and “All pay points” – which the system defaults to. Alternatively, you can select the pay frequency and pay point for which you want to enter take-on balances from the drop-down menus.

Please note: you can enter take-on balances for only one leave type at a time, and the leave type can be selected from the third drop-down menu.

Take-On Fields

The following fields will appear when you are entering leave take-on balances – whether individually or in bulk:

End of take-on period

You are able to enter such a date for every leave type. It is usually the take-on date and will default to one day before the start of the first payroll period on SimplePay. However, this default can be overridden by entering a different date, as long as it is within the employee’s service period.

Cycle start and Cycle end dates

These dates are system-generated and will update automatically to include the End of take-on period, if it is edited as described above. However, if the End of take-on period is the last day of a leave cycle, the Cycle start and Cycle end dates will be those of the leave cycle immediately following the End of take-on period.


The information in this field is also system-generated and will reflect how much leave has accrued from the start of the leave cycle (determined above) to the End of take-on period. In cases like the one mentioned above, where the Cycle start date is the day following the End of take-on period, the Accrual will default to 0.

Brought Forward (previous cycle)

The option to enter leave days brought forward from a previous cycle will only be available if the entitlement policy* for a specific leave type applicable to the particular employee has the box ticked next to Allow leave to be carried forward to next cycle. For annual leave, this field will automatically be available if the System Policy is used.

*More information about how to create / edit entitlement policies can be found in this section:

Taken plus adjustments

This field will show the number of leave days taken that were recorded on the calendar, as well as any leave adjustments that have been made – from the Cycle start date to the End of take-on period.

Taken (not on calendar)

You will also be able to enter additional leave days that were captured off-system – from the Cycle start date to the End of take-on period. This option is available for all leave types and eliminates the need to capture leave taken on the leave calendar or to do leave adjustments for leave taken.

Please note: the number of leave days taken should be captured as a positive number. The system will automatically deduct this number to calculate the closing balance (discussed below).

Closing balance calculated

This number will be system-generated and based on information in the previous four fields.

Closing Balance Override

If you want a different take-on balance from the one shown in the Closing balance calculated field, you can enter it in this field. This option will only be available if the particular leave policy allows for leave to be carried forward. The ability to enter leave days Brought Forward (previous cycle) discussed above will indicate that the leave policy allows this. Note that if a value is entered in this field, the data in all the previous fields will be ignored.

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