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One of the ways that users put themselves at risk of cybercrime is with their choice of passwords or by saving their passwords to the device they are using. SimplePay has an option to have 2 layers of login security, called 2-factor authentication. This feature requires users to enter a verification code as an additional step when logging into SimplePay with their username and password. The verification code will also be required when trying to change the password for a username. The verification code is obtained from an authentication app* that users will need to download.

Please note: This is an opt-in feature at no additional cost. Please contact the Support team to enable the feature for your profile (account).

Enabling 2-Factor Authentication

Once the Support team has enabled the feature for your profile (account), each user (i.e. each unique username/email address and related password) will need to enable 2-Factor Authentication for their login. To do this:

  • Go to the Profile icon > User Profile.
  • Under 2-Factor Authentication, click on Enable 2-Factor Authentication and enter your SimplePay password.
  • Follow the 4 step process shown on the screen:
    1. Download a 2-factor authentication app*. The app does not need to be downloaded onto the device that you will be using regularly. For example, you could download the app onto your mobile phone, but use your laptop to access SimplePay. Every time you log into SimplePay, you will need to have the device that has the app with you in order to get the verification code.
    2. Scan the QR Code using the authentication app
    3. Save the recovery codes
    4. Enter the verification code generated by the app
  • Click Enable 2-Factor Authentication


*The following 2-factor authentication apps are available:

Disabling 2-Factor Authentication

You can opt to no longer have 2-Factor Authentication enabled for your login. To disable this function:

  • Go to the Profile icon > User Profile.
  • Under 2-Factor Authentication, click on Disable 2-Factor Authentication.
  • Enter your SimplePay password.
  • Click Confirm.

Establish a Device as a Trusted Device

If you establish a device as a trusted device, you will only need to enter the verification code when logging into this device every 30 days. For devices that are not established as trusted, the verification code is required with each login. To set a device as trusted:

  • Go to the SimplePay login page on the device that you trust. Ensure that you are not logged in.
  • Enter your email address and password and click Login.
  • Enter the verification code from your device.
  • Select the checkbox Trust this device for 30 days.
  • Click Login.

Revoke Trust from a Device

If you revoke trust from a device, you’ll have to enter your verification code next time you try log in from this device. To revoke trust for a device:

  • Go to the Profile icon > User Profile.
  • Under 2-Factor Authentication, click on Devices.
  • Click on Revoke Trust next to the device that you no longer trust.
  • Click Confirm.

Using Backup/Recovery Codes

If you don’t have the authentication app with you when trying to log in, you can use your backup/recovery codes to log in. The backup/recovery codes should have been saved to your computer or printed when enabling 2-factor authentication (see above).

Please note: You can only use each backup/recovery code once.

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