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We were inspired to start our own business as we wanted to provide an affordable service with the quality of a CA. We wanted to help stimulate the growth of smaller businesses and not see them fail due to unnecessary high accounting fees. 
We offer a unique service in that it is a very personalised service as we do everything ourselves from start to finish, this way we can also provide meaningful and accurate advice. 
As such, having noticed this gap in the market we decided to venture out on our own. Of course the fact that we would be skipping traffic and being able to work from home made this leap of faith a lot more appealing 😉.”
Jean Rossi, Co-Founder

The Challenge

When Smith & Rossi first started, their clients were processing payroll using many different platforms, some were even processing their payroll in spreadsheets manually!

As Smith & Rossi used Xero as their primary Accounting package – manually capturing client data from multiple Payroll software solutions became too time-consuming.

They needed a single payroll solution that would integrate with Xero and free up their time.

The Solution

Smith & Rossi were exposed to SimplePay for the first time when they took over a client who was already using SimplePay. Smith & Rossi thought SimplePay was great, and when they saw that it was compatible with Xero, “that was it, we were sold.” says Jean, Co-Founder. SimplePay more than met their expectations, it was user-friendly and very quick to set up.

“SimplePay’s Support is absolutely amazing, and you don’t often find that in companies.”

Jean Rossi, Co-Founder

Jean also loved that SimplePay makes SARS recons and filing with [email protected] easier for her. She was impressed with the many features SimplePay provided, “It’s not just the payroll side of it,” explains Jean – it’s that the system allows you to control the employee’s leave and allows access to self-service – where the employees can access their own payslips and request leave as well.

The Result

Processing clients’ payroll in SimplePay is a great time-saver for Smith & Rossi. Additionally, reducing the time spent on a single client allows them to help more clients, especially with the month-end rush. It frees up more time for them to focus on other high value activities, which can amount to a couple of thousand rands a month. Furthermore, SimplePay’s integration with Xero allows Smith & Rossi to save time by reducing the need to process payroll in Xero manually.

“I can do one person’s company’s payroll, if nothing changes, in 5 minutes.”

Jean Rossi, Co-Founder

The integration has also aided Smith & Rossi in selling their services by telling their clients that they use Xero and SimplePay. “We tell clients about SimplePay because it’s an amazing payroll program – they check it out and are really happy with it. They come onboard with us because we use SimplePay.

Smith & Rossi are able to free up their time and focus on the growth of their business by letting some of their clients process their own payroll. “We have a couple of clients who process their own payroll, and then we oversee it.” says Jean.

The Conclusion

SimplePay has allowed Smith & Rossi to grow without having a constraint on resources. They are able to process month-end quickly and efficiently and not have the software “bomb out at month-end when everyone’s payroll is due.”. By avoiding traffic and working remotely, SimplePay’s cloud-based system is helping two CAs grow their business from a small startup to a thriving, established firm.

SimplePay is an integral part of their strategy to continue growing without losing touch with their clients or compromising the quality of service they provide.

To find out more about Smith & Rossi, visit their website here.