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I started Iridium because I was looking for an alternative space to work in while I was working for an audit firm. I wanted to move out of that space and run my own business and I thought with my background and my qualifications as a chartered accountant, it made sense to try and use those skills to help people. So I quit my job, started the business and phoned my friends up and said ‘let me help you’.

Simon Magner, Managing Director

The Challenge

Iridium was born from a dream to create a company where clients were seen as partners in a space where value could be added and success shared. Simon and Peter created Iridium and began adding value through their accounting package, Xero. Shortly after they started, they decided that a natural next step would be to find a payroll solution that would complement the benefits of Xero, adding even more value for their clients.

In his experience, Simon had failed to find a sufficient desktop payroll package. They needed something that would work with Xero and automate the tedious tasks of manual payroll journals. This would save time and add value which they could then pass on to clients.

The solution was clear: a cloud-based payroll system, namely, SimplePay.

The Solution

SimplePay exceeded Iridium’s expectations with offerings such as the ability to post journals straight into Xero with a simple click of a button. SimplePay even gave Iridium the ability to post tracking categories to Xero, which other large payroll solutions were unable to do. “That was a big win for us,” says Peter. The Iridium team were able to onboard themselves onto SimplePay quickly and painlessly, finding it “​one of the easiest solutions to roll out”. Simon recalls that even when he first used SimplePay, 5 years ago, he found it easy to use and has since never had any challenges with the platform.

“SimplePay is so simple that we probably don’t have to read the help guides.”
Simon Magner, Managing Director

Furthermore, Iridium was impressed with the self-service functionality, allowing employees to apply for leave, update their details and retrieve their payslips all online.

The Result

SimplePay allows Iridium to easily execute payroll and has even enabled them to take on larger clients that only require a payroll solution – something they “probably wouldn’t have been able to do without SimplePay”. A different solution would have been at ​a higher price point, which Iridium would have had to charge to their clients or absorb as a business.

“SimplePay offers an effective solution that meets our needs as an accounting company, and it is very competitively priced.”

Simon Magner, Managing Director

The cost-effectiveness of SimplePay has enabled Iridium to expand their business offerings and provide a payroll solution to their clients at no additional cost. In addition, SimplePay’s integration with Xero has saved valuable time for Iridium and their clients. It has made their lives easier by removing the need to manually process journals in Xero.

“Just on the monthly journals we are probably saving 12 to 13 hours a month in accounting time because of the integration and its ease of use. That’s billable time, that’s money.”

Simon Magner, Managing Director

The Conclusion

Iridium uses SimplePay as its only payroll software solution. Having a reliable payroll solution like SimplePay has added huge benefit to Iridium and their clients. It provides an excellent overall solution for clients.

“We try to offer a great solution to SMEs and companies in South Africa that need a financial partner, and having a solution like SimplePay allows us to scale and grow our business.”

Simon Magner, Managing Director

Iridium has been able to take on more work as a result of SimplePay’s cost-effectiveness and their clients really love it. “​SimplePay allows us to focus on what is making us different and that’s delivering good services to our clients,” says Simon. SimplePay has exceeded Iridium’s expectations and has aided in the growth of their business. It has helped automate payroll processes, freeing up time to work with their clients and add value to their businesses, ultimately, realising the dream that sparked the birth of Iridium.

To find out more about Iridium, visit their website here.