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Benefits of Cloud Payroll

SimplePay: Your Cloud Payroll Solution

Come see how simple your payroll setup, processing and submission can be with SimplePay’s cloud-based payroll solution. Discover why SimplePay is the right solution for you.

Learn About Our Leave Module

Episode 1: Leave Entitlements

Dive deep into BCEA minimum Leave Entitlements while seeing how to set up and customise Leave Entitlement Policies on the SimplePay system.

Episode 2: Recording Leave. Creating and Editing Leave Types.

Explore the different ways in which leave is recorded on SimplePay. Get to know the Leave Activity screen, as well as edit leave types and create new leave types on SimplePay.

Episode 3: Leave Take-Ons, Leave Adjustments, Leave Reports and Leave Paid Out

Explore the different types of leave reports and how leave paid out is handled on SimplePay. Leave adjustments and leave take-on balances, done individually and in bulk, is also covered.

Episode 4: Self-Service

Get to know our self-service functionality. Explore leave approval groups, admin settings, and the approval of self-service leave requests. Submit and edit leave requests, as well as highlight the Leave Overview Calendar.

Learn About PAYE (Pay As You Earn)

Episode 1: Basics of PAYE

In episode 1, Brandon and Darren focus on the basics of PAYE. This includes how regular income is defined, and how SimplePay uses the SARS prescribed method to determine how much PAYE should be deducted in various scenarios.

Episode 2: PAYE for Irregular Income

In episode 2, Brandon and Darren take a look at the rules for PAYE calculations for irregular income. They also take you through some practical examples.

Episode 3: Advanced PAYE Calculations

In our final episode, Brandon and Darren focus on more advanced aspects of PAYE. The duo examine PAYE calculation examples that include fringe benefits, allowances, taxable income deductions and tax credits.

Learn About ETI (Employment Tax Incentive)

Episode 1: Basics of ETI

Welcome to episode 1 of our ETI webinar series. In the first episode, we focus on covering the Basics of ETI and how to set this up in SimplePay.

Episode 2: Calculating with ETI

Welcome to episode 2 of our ETI webinar series. In this episode, we take a closer look at some practical ETI calculations, as well as answer some client questions.