Payroll Setup > Employee Setup > Custom Employee Fields

Custom employee fields can be used to capture information for employees that is not already included in the Basic Info screen.

Adding Custom Employee Fields

To add custom employee fields to the Basic Info screen, go to Settings > Advanced > Custom Employee Fields and click on Add.

The following fields must then be completed:

  • Sequence: This refers to the order that your custom field will appear in (i.e. if you select 7, then assuming that you have 7 custom fields, it will be shown last, assuming that the other fields are sequenced 1-6). This number will be automatically populated based on prior custom fields, but can be changed.
  • Name: Provide a name for the field.
  • Hint: If you wish to provide a further explanation or description to the name, enter it in this field.
  • Input type: Select from the following input types:
    • “Text”: For alphanumeric information
    • “Dropdown”: For selecting a particular answer from several options
    • “Date”: For selecting a date using the calendar
    • “Checkbox”: For yes/no information
    • “Number”: For numeric information
  • If you select “Dropdown” from the Input Type, another field will appear for adding options that should appear in the dropdown.
  • Required: Select this checkbox if the field is mandatory to complete and an employee cannot be saved to the system without completing this field.

Click Save.

Deleting Custom Employee Fields

To delete a custom employee field, go to Settings > Advanced > Custom Employee Fields.

A list of existing custom employee fields will be shown. Select the custom employee field that you wish to delete.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Delete.

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