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One of the core principles around hiring at SimplePay is that we’re looking for people with aptitude and drive who are keen to come in and make their mark by owning and growing within their role and their skillset. We’re a fun and diverse group of people who enjoy solving problems, simplifying things and a bit of good banter. You can read more about the team here and get some insight into the dev side on our tech blog.

Our system takes the headaches out of payroll and associated compliance for over 13 000 companies across South Africa, Singapore, Ireland and Hong Kong.  We’ve been around for just over 10 years and maintained steady growth in profitability and market share without ever needing to raise external capital. 

At this point we’d also usually expound on the various benefits of our amazing office location, such as great views, walking meetings, a multitude of teas and coffees, free parking, PlayStation tournaments etc. However, we’re all currently working remotely until it’s very safe to return to the office but when we do all of the aforementioned awesomeness will be reinstated. 

Until then some of the other benefits of joining our team include the peace of mind that we’re not going anywhere anytime soon, a collaborative and growth-oriented team, the scope to chart your own course within a supportive framework and being part of something constantly changing and innovating in order to make the lives of our clients simpler so that they can focus on what’s really important: their own growth and success.

Experienced Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer

To keep up with our growing customer base’s needs we’re looking to add some more experienced talent to our already strong and effective dev team. The dev team was already mostly remote pre-pandemic and the entire company is now working remotely. Ideally, we would like someone who’s keen to join the CT office team once the world goes back to normal; however, we are also open to semi- or full remote work as well.



The work will include:

Location: Cape Town, South Africa or Remote within UTC+0 to UTC+8

Please mail [email protected] to apply and ensure that

People Operations Lead (formerly HR Manager)

We’ve been experiencing phenomenal growth (even by pre-COVID standards) and with it has come the expected challenges of product scalability as well as the associated questions around internal growth, strategy, staffing, training and all the stuff traditionally handed to the “HR Manager”. All of this is currently done in a very hands on way by various team members and managers but at the rate and scale we’re needing to grow, this is no longer practical. 

Hence the need to expand our team by adding this role, which started its life as “HR Manager”. However, it seems this title creates an impression which is entirely contrary to what we’re looking for, which is apparently “People Ops”. This little nugget of insight further highlighted the need for this person in our team. Enter YOU, an experienced, innovative and driven individual with experience in and bright ideas around getting the company and our people to their absolute happiest and best.

Sounds good but what exactly IS the role?

The goal is simple: optimise our processes and grow our culture to ensure maximum happiness and efficiency all round. How you do this will then be largely up to you, with some collaboration and guidance from management and the team.

Core Tasks and Responsibilities*

*We’re still a bit of a startup at heart so chances are you’ll occasionally need to jump in elsewhere and do some ad hoc tasks on top of these



If you’d like to explore this opportunity further please send an email to [email protected] with

Any other attachments you feel may be beneficial to your application must also please be attached in PDF format.

Training Lead

Are you passionate about adult learning and development? Do you love to inspire people, help them understand complex topics and see them develop their skills? To sustain our impressive growth in the regions where we operate (and start taking over elsewhere), we are looking for an enthusiastic Training Lead who’ll ensure that our team is equipped with the best knowledge and sharpest skills.

This is a varied and exciting role offering the right candidate the opportunity to lead the training function and impact the direction and success of the business. The main areas of responsibility are outlined below but the potential directions for career growth within our team are almost limitless as long as the skills and value line up with business needs.

Core responsibilities:

Desired skills and experience:

If this sounds appealing, please send your application directly to [email protected] and ensure that: